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Windows 10 October Update Now Available

windows 10 october update 2

The latest update to Windows 10 has just been released by Microsoft. Version 1809 of Windows 10, or the October Update as it’s also called (also, Redstone 5), is available to download from the Update and Security section of the Settings page.

windows 10 october update 1

1809 Features

There are some new features available from the latest update, some of which are quite interesting:

  • Dark mode in File Explorer: With October 2018 Update, Windows 10 gets a new dark mode. Use Settings > Personalization > Colors, then scroll down to the bottom. Select Dark under Choose your default app mode.
  • Diagnostic Data Viewer: Windows now enables you to review diagnostic data.
  • Fewer restarts: You will now see more prompts designed to avoid unexpected update installation and subsequent restarts.
  • You Phone app: Along with enabling you to send and receive text messages using your PC, the Your Phone app also enables Android users to view their stored photos on their PC. The app is also available for iPhone users, but the functionality for them is limited.
  • New screenshot tool: Called Snip & Sketch (Windows key + Shift + S), you can now copy a rectangle, a freeform region, or a full screen and then annotate it in the app, or save, share, or paste it.
  • Block autoplay videos in Edge: Web pages that automatically play videos can now be blocked.
  • Separate font slider to make text easier to read: Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Display >  Make text bigger to increase text size without needing to increase scaling of the entire interface.
  • Improved Clipboard: Windows key + V will display a scrolling list of recent items copied to the Clipboard. The new Clipboard also syncs across your Windows devices.
  • Battery details of Bluetooth devices: All connected Bluetooth devices will now report their battery levels.
  • Emoji 11: The October Update finally supports all the new emojis from Emoji 11. Use (Windows key + . ) or ( Windows key + ; ) to start searching

There are also numerous performance improvements, and the usual slew of bug fixes that accompany the major updates.

There’s also an improved Game Mode and Game Bar, which will help users view their system performance and utilisations without resorting to a third-party app.

windows 10 october update 3

Full of Features

The list of features doesn’t stop there. Indeed, Microsoft has certainly been busy of late shoehorning a plethora of other items into the October Update.

There are improvements for Windows Mixed Reality and AR devices, Storage Sense can now switch files to ‘online-only’ if they haven’t been accessed after a certain number of days; uploading to your connected One Drive, thus saving space on your local disks. The Windows Search will now display a download link for programs searched online. Notifications now include a fade-in effect. And there’s a new Safe-Removal feature for those using an external GPU via Thunderbolt 3 connections.

And for those of you concerned with such things, Windows 10 now supports leap seconds!

Lots of Change

Like it or not, Windows 10 is evolving and adapting to its OS-as-a-service role. The impressive number of behind the scenes updates could easily make for a completely new operating system in itself, let alone the more featured items in the list.

Make sure you’ve got the time, the October Update can take a while to download and install. When you’re ready, simply tap the Update icon in the Settings page and test out the latest from Microsoft.

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