What to Expect in the New iPhones

The September unveiling of the new iPhone range is just around the corner, and the Apple community is awash with many weird and wonderful rumoured features that the iPhone XS may have. Here’s a collection of some of the more interesting features we’ve discovered.


Apple plans to stop you from recording at concerts, will this be a 2018 iPhone feature?

One of the more interesting snippets of information that we’ve come across is a possible anti-recording technology built into the new iPhone models. In June 2016 Apple files a patents that will prevent people from recording concerts on their iPhones, through an infrared signal, or possibly magic. The driving force behind this preventative technology is from artists complaining that fans at concerts are recording and uploading poor quality videos.


Another rumour of interest is the use of a super-resolution mode on the 2018 iPhones. Again, this rumour has been bolted together through a patent that Apple filed back in 2014, that utilises optical stabilisation and a system that takes a series of photos at differing angles then stiches them together to create a single super-resolution image.

The end product would be a huge leap in mobile device camera technology, and in addition, DigiTimes recently reported that Apple has already started production at a new lens maker factory in Taiwan for cameras well above the 12Mp resolution.

Long-Range Wireless Charging

Many are expecting to see Apple AirPower make an appearance with the 2018 line up of iPhones, however, there are some who think that Apple is ready to introduce a long-range wireless charging concept.

Traditional wireless charging still requires you to place the phone on a charging station, but with this long-range charging technology, by using near-field magnetic resonance, you could be able to charge your iPhone from a theoretical metre away from the charging station. Furthermore, there are also rumours that Apple could be looking into some far more ambitious; Tesla’s wireless power transfer, anyone?


L-shaped batteries are the future, and along with AirPower will keep your iPhone alive for longer.

The Korea Economic Daily claims that Apple will be using LG built batteries for the 2018 iPhones. These batteries will be unique and adopt an ‘L’ shape, which according to KED, optimises the internal space and also boosts charging speeds. In terms of capacity, we could be looking at up to a 25% increase from last year’s iPhone X.

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