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Bookmarking a post you’re interested in is usually the accepted method of recalling content on Instagram; there’s so much of it being uploaded on a daily basis, it’s often difficult to find something you previously saw. However, what if you didn’t bookmark it, but instead Liked it?

Step 1 – When you’re browsing through the Explore tab and you come across a photo or video that you want to recall for later, it’s recommended that you tap the Bookmark icon followed by the Save to Collection. If you instead double tap to like the content, it’s not likely to ever appear in the Explore tab again.

View all Liked Posts1

Step 2 – Here’s an example: find a post you want to look at again later and instead of tapping the Bookmark icon, double-tap to like it (or tap the heart icon if you prefer). Moving back to the Explore tab clears the current view and it’s highly unlikely you’ll find the same photo again.

View all Liked Posts2

Step 3 – Tap on the Profile icon, followed by the three vertical dots for Android or the cog for iOS users. Scroll down to the Account section in the Settings window and tap the option Posts You’ve Liked.

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Step 4 – In here you can see all the posts you’ve ever liked on Instagram, including the very first one. The top post (the first one) is the most recent and it’s here you can then tap the post again to view it full screen.

View all Liked Posts4

Other Users’ Likes

You can easily see what your followers also like. Tap on the Heart icon in the bottom menu strip, where any liked post notifications appear. In this tab you have two options at the top of the screen, You and Following; tap Following. In here you can scroll through the recent likes made by those whom you follow.

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