View 3D Insects Around Your Home

Augmented Reality (AR) is the ability to overlay virtual objects or information onto views of the real world. AR is increasingly being used in everything from games like Pokemon GO to apps like Google Maps, and now Google is giving bug-lovers the opportunity to fill their home with 3D insects.

The ability to view 3D insects through Google has been available for a while now, but unless you know the specific steps to see them (or you just happen to be searching for insects in Google), this fun feature is easy to miss.

On your phone or tablet, open the Google app or Google Chrome and search for “Insect”. At the top of the search results you should see a box with an insect in it (a Ladybug in our case) and labelled “See a ladybug at larger than life size”. You will also see a button to “View in 3D”.

If you are using an Android phone, below the initial insect picture, you should also see a carousel of other insects which you can tap to select and then view those in 3D instead. If using an iOS device, you will have to search for a specific insect to see the 3D view option.

Once you have tapped View in 3D, the insect will appear on screen, allowing you to rotate it, zoom in and out, and view it from any angle. You will also see a button to “View in your space”. When you do this, you may have to give Google access to you camera, microphone and device storage.

Once you have done that, the camera will open and after a few seconds the 3D insect will appear in the scene. You can then use your fingers to move it around, make it bigger or smaller, etc.

When you have positioned the insect where you want it, you can capture a photo by tapping the shutter button. On Android, a carousel of the different 3D insect models available will appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to easily switch between them of the fly (no pun intended…)


Russ Ware

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