Using macOS’s Desktop Stacks

If your Mac’s desktop regularly gets cluttered with folders, file icons and other such material that you’re currently working on, there’s a solution at hand in macOS. With a click of your mouse or trackpad, you can organise them into stacks, grouped according to their file type. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1 – Your Mac’s desktop often fills with files and folders you know you need regularly but that can mean a very cluttered workspace. To use Desktop Stacks, first click on the desktop to make sure Finder is active, then click on the View menu in the top bar.

Step 2 – From the View menu, select the Use Stacks option. Your files are stacked on the right-hand side of your desktop, according to their type. For example, images are stacked together, as are documents. To turn this off again go to View and click Use Stacks.

Step 3 – To open a stack, click on it. The items contained in that stack are revealed, allowing you to access and open individual files. To close a stack again, click on the down-pointing triangle icon that replaced the stack when you clicked to open it.

Step 4 – You can choose how you group your stacks. In View, go to Group Stacks By and then pick an option. If you use finder tags (see later in this book) to identify files from the same project, for example, grouping by Tags keeps them together.

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Ian Osborne

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