Using Airpods With An Android Phone

No matter what you think about Apple, Airpods are some of the best true wireless bluetooth headphones you can buy right now. If you are an Android user, you might think that Airpods wouldn't work with your phone... But you would be wrong!

If you are getting a little jealous of your Apple-loving friends’ wireless headphones, stop right now! Because Android users can use Airpods too. And while you won’t get access to ALL of the features, you still get the great sound quality, automatic Bluetooth pairing (once you have them set up) and can even get an app which will display their battery level on screen.

Pairing Airpods to Android Phones

Unlike when using Airpods with an iPhone, where simply opening the case will prompt them to connect to the phone, you will need pair them manually with your Android Phone.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone and make sure Bluetooth is switched on. Open the Airpods case and look for the small button at the back. This is the manual connect button, which you need to press now and hold until the light starts blinking.

After a few seconds you should see the Airpods listed in the nearby devices list in the Bluetooth screen of your phone. If you don’t see it, make sure the phone is scanning for devices. When you see Airpods appear, tap the name to pair them to your phone.

Now that the Airpods are paired, just taking them out of the case near to your phone will pair them, and putting them back in the case will unpair them (as long as Bluetooth is enabled on your phone).

If you have a phone that supports reverse wireless charging, you can charge your Airpods by placing them on the back of your phone. If not, you can charge them using a standard Qi-enabled charging pad, or with an Apple Lightning cable plugged into the case.

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Using Airpods with Android Phones

You won’t get all of the features you would when using Airpods with an iPhone, but you can still control playback on the earphones by touching the stem (or squeezing the stem on Airpods Pro). Obviously you can also control playback using the controls in the music/movie app you are playing your media through.

To be able to monitor the battery level of your Airpods on Android, you will need to resort to a third-party app. There are a few available, but the free AirBattery app seems to do the job well. Another good app choice is AirDroid.

The very cool auto-pause and auto-resume feature that iPhone users get (triggered when an Airpod is removed from your ear) doesn’t work on Android. You will also now be able to activate Google Assistant using the Airpods mic, like iPhone users can with Siri, but this won’t be a major issue for most Android users.

Airpods Alternatives

If you prefer to use wireless headphones designed to work fully with Android, there are several options available which do a great job of matching or even surpassing Airpods in terms of sound quality and features.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2
From £99.99

Liberty Air 2 wireless earphones take advantage of the ultra-light, yet rigid structure of diamonds to create a driver dome that maintains its rigidity, even when vibrating at high frequencies. The diamond drivers increase the sound frequency bandwidth by 15% and deliver 2× the amount of bass. A single charge gives you a full 7 hours of listening, while the charging case extends it to 28 hours of playtime. And when the case needs a power boost, simply set it down on a wireless charger.

Jabra Elite 65t
From £118.99

The Jabra Elite 65t are engineered for the best true wireless calls and music experience. Unique four-microphone technology gives you effective wind noise reduction on calls and Jabra hear through technology provides audio awareness of what’s around you. Third generation true wireless offers unparalleled stability, letting you take calls and listen to music without worrying about dropouts. With additional power from the pocket-friendly charging case, you can boost the earbuds five hours of battery up to 15 hours of total charge, making sure your listening needs are met all day long.

Sony WF-1000XM3
From £168.98

Sony has taken the industry leading QN1 noise cancelling processor from their award winning WH-1000XM3 and updated it to a new QN1e, to produce the new WF 1000XM3. The brand new QN1e processor boosts the range of frequencies from which noise-cancellation occurs, giving you full control over the sounds you want to block out whilst listening to your music. That means it’s never been easier to take the bustle out of travel and immerse yourself in sound. On top of that, the WF1000XM3 comes with Adaptive Sound Control to optimise listening settings automatically based on your behaviour and environment. The earbuds last for up to 8 hours on a single charge when not using noise cancellation, or 6 hours with noise cancellation.

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