How to Use Touch & Face ID on iPhone

You may or may not have set up Face ID and touch ID during the initial phone setup, but you can add a second face/fingerprint if you wish, or reset the security features and start again. If your iPhone has a physical Home button, it unfortunately cannot use Face ID.

Step 1 – Go to Settings > Face ID and Passcode and enter your iPhone’s passcode to continue. Tap Set Up Face ID or Set Up Alternative Appearance, or tap Reset Face ID to start afresh.

Step 2 – Position your face within the frame as instructed, then move your head in a circle until the small lines around your face are all green. Tap continue, then repeat for a second scan.

Step 3 – Your face is now registered with Face ID. Tap Done to return to the Settings screen, where you can configure your iPhone’s Face ID feature to your own personal requirements.

Unlocking your iPhone with the Face ID feature

Unlocking the iPhone using your Face ID is simplicity itself. You simply look at it and the lock springs open, as you can see here. You can do it in any lighting conditions, even total darkness. It’s extremely straightforward and natural; you’ll soon forget you’re doing it at all.

Buying from App Store, iTunes Store, or Books Store

Open the iTunes Store, App Store or Books Store and choose something you wish to purchase. When you’re asked to pay, double-click the Side button and look at your iPhone. The purchase is made and a checkmark is displayed to show payment has been verified.

Using Apple Pay with your iPhone’s Face ID

Make sure Apple Pay is turned on in Settings > Face ID & Passcode and that you’ve set up Apple Pay as explained elsewhere. To make a purchase, double click the Side button. Tap your card and choose another if you wish. Look at your phone and hold it near the reader.

Using Touch ID

This applies only for iPhones that include the Touch ID feature.

Step 1 – Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your iPhone’s passcode when instructed. Tap the Add a Fingerprint link to start registering one of your fingerprints with Touch ID.

Step 2 – Place a finger on the Home button and follow the instructions, lifting and replacing your finger until the fingerprint is filled. Then do the same again with the edges of your fingertip.

Step 3 – When done, you return to the first screen, from where you can add another fingerprint if you wish. You can also choose which iPhone features can be activated using your Touch ID.

Unlocking your iPhone

If you have Touch ID, you can unlock your phone by pressing the Home button. Touch the Home button with a finger registered for Touch ID and it’s unlocked straight away; you can go back into Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and register more fingerprints too.

Making Purchases

In the App Store, tap a Buy button to make a purchase. You must enter your Apple ID username and password the first time you do this (unless you already did it in the iTunes Store). Future purchases can be accessed, confirmed and downloaded with Touch ID, by placing your finger on the Home button.

Downloading from iTunes

Open the iTunes app. When you want to buy something, tap the Buy button. The first time you do this, you must enter your Apple ID, unless you already did this step in the App Store. After that, further purchases can be accessed, confirmed and downloaded with Touch ID, just like in the App Store.

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