How to Use Bixby Quick Voice Commands

Quick commands on Bixby are single voice commands that initiate multiple actions. They work like Routines in Google Home and Amazon Alexa (and are in fact also called Routines in Bixby at times), and are very easy to set up, even if you don’t take advantage of the preset ones available.

Voice Wake Up

If you already use Bixby it will probably already be updated to the latest version, but if not, you may need to update it before quick commands/routines are available. You will also need to activate Voice Wake Up to use Quick Commands, if it is not already set up.

To do this, open Bixby, tap the settings button, scroll down to Voice Wake Up and activate it. You will need to repeat the phrase “Hi Bixby” several times to train the software to recognise you. Once this is done, you are ready to start setting up and using Quick Commands.

Using Preset Quick Commands

From the Bixby home screen, tap the menu button at the top-left and then tap Quick Commands. Several “Recommended” quick command sections will be displayed, including productivity, daily routine and place. Tap any of these to see several individual Quick Commands.

If any of these quick commands fit your needs, you can activate them by tapping the + button. If, however, you want to create your own, go back to the Quick Commands home screen and tap the + button at the top right.

At the top of the Quick Command screen you will see that the command is set to work on this device. Below that, you can give your command a name. This will be the word or phrase you use to activate the command. You can type your chosen word or phrase, or tap the microphone icon and speak it.

The next section allows you to choose what Bixby does upon hearing the command. Tap the Add a command button, and then Select a command. Choose a category (or Capsule as Bixby calls them) you think will contain the action you want.

For example, if you want to set or cancel an alarm, tap Alarm and Timer. Then choose the action that is relevant. If you can’t find the exact action you want your command to initiate, you can scroll to the bottom and try saying or typing the action to search for it.

You can add several actions to a command. Once you have added the first, you will go back to the command creation screen and can tap to add a second, and third, and so on.

When you have added everything you want to the Quick Command, tap the Save button at the bottom and it is ready to be used.

Deleting Quick Commands

Open Bixby, tap the menu button and then Quick Commands. Tap the My Commands tab and you will see all of your created commands. To delete any of them, tap the small menu icon on the command and then tap Delete.

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