Automatically Add Captions to Any Video on Samsung Galaxy

Your Samsung Galaxy phone, if it is running Android 10 or later, can automatically add captions to any video that plays on the device, be that in Facebook, YouTube or any other video. Here's how to set up and enable Live Caption.

Step 1 – Although you might think Live Caption would be a sound or display settings, It is actually designed as an accessibility setting. Open the Settings app on your Samsung device and head into the Accessibility settings. You will need to look in the Hearing Enhancements.

Step 2 – Scroll down to the Live Caption option and tap it. Use the slider to turn the feature on. Below the slider to enable this feature are a number of options to refine the resulting captions.

live caption settings

Step 3 – The first option it Language. At the moment, you can only use English as the language, but in future updates more will be added. At that point, if you use a system language other than English, live captions should already be set to the same language.

Step 4 – The next option gives you the ability to automatically hide any profanity in the video from being shown in the captions. Use the slider to turn this on or off.

Step 5 – Sound labels are things like [Laughter] or [bird tweeting] that can be shown in the captions. This can be a great help with understanding the context of the video for those with hearing loss, but also useful for anyone who has videos set to be muted, but who still wants to understand the video context if it catches their attention.

Step 6 – The final option allows you to include the switch to turn Live Caption on or off in the volume panel that appears on screen when you change volume using the hardware buttons. Once enabled, you can drag the volume panel open when you see it, to find the Live Caption switch at the bottom of the panel.



Step 7 – When Live Caption is running, the captions will appear as white text on a black background. You can move the caption box around by tapping, holding and dragging the box around the screen to the best position for you.

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