The iPad Manual Vol 25

The iPad Manual Vol 25

Everything you need to know about your Apple tablet but were too afraid to ask





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Feb 2017

Your iPad can do more than you think. You know the Mail app can send and receive emails but did you know it can attach pictures and documents to your emails? You know the Safari app is great for web browsing but did you know you can browse privately or save a site for later reading? You know the Maps app gives you directions but did you know you can take 3D yover tours of large cities? Our in-depth, plain English guides show you all this and more.

First Steps with Your iPad

We take you step by step through the set up process and get your iPad up and running. We also show you how to register fingerprints with Touch ID, set up your Apple ID and use the iPad’s basic functions such as touchscreen gestures and the on- screen virtual keyboard.

Internet Features Explained

We show you how to take your iPad onto the Internet and use it for email and web browsing; also downloading music, movies and new apps, buying and reading digital books, finding and listening to podcasts, storing your data and documents on your iCloud Drive and more.

Keep Your iPad Secure

We show you how to protect your iPad from prying eyes, by locking it with a passcode or Touch ID. We also show you how to use the iPad’s built-in app designed to nd your handy tablet if it’s lost or stolen; and how to wipe it remotely if you’ve given up hope of getting it back.

Guide to Advanced Features

If you’re not using the iPad’s more advanced features, you’re missing out. Multitasking options let you run more than one app at a time, the Siri assistant is great for finding information and you can integrate your social media accounts with iOS too. We show you how.

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