The Complete iPhone Manual Vol 21

The Complete iPhone Manual Vol 21

Everything you need to know to master your iPhone!




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Dec 2017

Are you getting the most from your iPhone? Do you use all its apps and features or are some of them still a mystery? The iPhone GuideBook is packed with crystal clear guides and tutorials to your amazing Apple smartphone’s key capabilities. From basics such as the touchscreen and on-screen keyboard to advanced features like iCloud; and comprehensive guides to its key apps, it’s all in The iPhone GuideBook.

For Work and Play

We show you how to use your amazing iPhone to organise your life, with apps such as Calendar, Contacts, Reminders and Notes and also how to enjoy it with Music, Videos, iBooks and more. With The iPhone GuideBook, it’s easy to put your iPhone at the heart of your digital life.

Fully Up To Date

The iPhone GuideBook is right up to date with the new features brought to your iPhone by the iOS 11 update of the operating system. We also give you a roundup of the complete Apple iPhone range that’s currently on sale, including the groundbreaking iPhone X and the equally new iPhone 8.

For Beginners and Experienced Users

If you’re only just starting out with your iPhone, you’ll welcome our setup guide and tips on how to get more from the touchscreen, the on-screen keyboard and its bundled apps’ basic features. The more experienced should benefit from our guides to the iPhone’s advanced capabilities.

For Your Photography Needs

If you use your iPhone as a camera, we show you how to take snaps, make the most of the Camera app’s editing features, organise your pictures into albums, post them to social networking sites, send them by email or the Messenger app, sync them using iCloud Photo Sharing and more.

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