Coding Made Easy Vol. 19

Coding Made Easy Vol. 15

The first step on your journey to becoming a programmer





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Mar 2017

Coding and programming are skills that are in great demand. Being able to show that you have learnt and now understand a programming language is going to look great on a CV and may make all the difference if you want a career in IT. Even more than that, learning to code is fun and rewarding, and will help you feel smarter and more creative. This book is designed to take you from a coding novice to an expert in the making.

Do More With Your Computer

Almost any Windows PC or Apple Mac is powerful enough to use for programming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, do an o ce job or work as a designer; learning to code is possible and worthwhile for almost anyone.

Think Like a Programmer

Programming isn’t di cult when it’s explained properly, and our tutorials don’t just teach you how to program but also how to think like a computer programmer. This book was written by those rare people who are training experts and also advanced coders.

In-depth Tutorials

We’ll take you, one step at a time, from the absolute nuts and bolts of the Python language, up to advanced concepts and hardware projects. Unlike other books, we take time to explain the concepts behind computer programming and introduce you to several other languages.

Coding Projects

Whether it’s building robots, developing drones or hacking home hardware, you can get started with us. This book doesn’t just show you how to code, it explains how to build computer controlled hardware and introduces you to electronics kits like the Raspberry Pi and BBC micro:bit.

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