Beginners Guide to Python Vol.26

Beginners Guide to Python Vol.26

Discover the skills and tools you need to be a programmer





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Apr 2017

Programming is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up, particularly for your career prospects, but even just to test your brain and create something cool. And Python is just about the most popular and most dynamic coding language around today. When you’re new to coding, it can be hard to know where to start, and that’s where this guide comes in.

Become a Programmer

Learning a programming language can transform the way you look at your computer, from a passive entertainment and work device into a power tool. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, do an o ce job or work as a designer; Our tutorials don’t just teach you how to program, they teach you how to think like a computer programmer.

Step-by-step Tutorials

Programming with Python isn’t that di cult when it’s explained properly. This book was written by those rare people who are training experts and also advanced coders. One step at a time, you will get to grips with everything from the absolute nuts and bolts of Python up to advanced concepts and hardware projects.

Jargon Free Advice

Unlike many other coding and programming books, we take time to explain the concepts behind computer programming. We explain in plain English what each part of a program like Python is doing. Whether it’s setting up a development environment or discovering advanced concepts like Objects and Generators.

Python Projects

Whether it’s building robots, developing drones or hacking home hardware, you can get started right here, with Python and a few simple extras. This book doesn’t just show you how to code, we also introduce you to electronics kits that can be programmed in Python and used to build amazing real world projects.

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