Advanced Guide to Windows 10 Vol 18

Advanced Guide to Windows 10 Vol 18

Get more from Windows 10 on your PC





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Feb 2017

The Advanced Guide to Windows 10 is all about giving you the tools to take full advantage of everything Windows has to offer! From maintaining and optimising your key hardware, to delving under the hood of the operating system with tweaks and mods. There is something here for anyone who wants to go beyond being able to send an email and browse the Internet.

Filled to bursting with expert advice and invaluable time saving shortcuts, the Advanced Guide to Windows 10 is the guide for helping you get more from the OS. Whether you have been using Windows 10 since its release or you have just bought your first PC, every page is full of useful advice, essential tips and all you need to take your computing knowledge to the next level. 

Do More with Windows 10

Windows has never been more powerful, more useful or more usable. So why not take advantage of all it can offer? Learn how to improve security and boost performance, discover how to completely customise the desktop and menus, and get more from the best Microsoft OS released for several years. 

Windows 10 Advanced Guides

Learn how to master the tools that make Windows 10 powerful. From removing bloatware and enabling the God Mode folder, to learning how to troubleshoot a problem and run Ubuntu on a Windows PC, there is something here for every user, whether you are just getting started or have been using the operating system for months. 

Essential Tips and Tricks

Just about every page of the The Advanced Guide to Windows 10 contains useful tips and helpful hints. From ways to stay safe on the Internet and how to use hotkey, to sharing a photo with friends and customising your Start menu. So if you have never used Windows for anything more than browsing online, there is lots to discover. 

Hardware Customisation

Learn the best way to add more power to your PC with a RAM upgrade, discover how to add a Solid State Drive to your machine and see the best way to keep the OS up to date without causing problems. The Advanced Guide to Windows 10 is about much more than making sure you are software savvy. 

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