The Adobe Photoshop Manual – Vol.14

The Adobe Photoshop Manual Vol.14 is here to help you create amazing artwork. Follow our expert guides and fire up your imagination and your digital editing skills.

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01.selection_tools Pg 18-19 - Photoshop provides multiple methods for isolating areas of your image.2.51 mb Download
02.gradient_and fill_tools Pg 26-27 - Fill layers and selections with colours, textures and gradients1.66 mb Download
03.pen_tool Pg 28-19 - Draw smooth curved paths with the versatile Pen tool.256.21 kb Download
04.making_selections Pg 32-33 - The ability to select and modify only part of an image is fundamental to how Photoshop works1.35 mb Download
05.modifying_selections Pg 34-35 - Photoshop has sophisticated tools to refine selections861.75 kb Download
06.using_layers Pg 36-37 - Understanding layers is fundamental to Photoshop editing2.62 mb Download
07.adjustment_layers Pg 38-39 - A great way to edit your images without damaging them343.96 kb Download
08.curves_and_levels Pg 40-41 - Versatile ways to adjust brightness and contrast in your digital images925.03 kb Download
09.cropping_resizing Pg 42-43 - Changing the size of a digital photograph1.91 mb Download
10.quick_mask_mode Pg 44-45 - There’s a quicker way of editing selections and masks1.05 mb Download
11.layer_masks Pg 46-47 - Add effects non-destructively with Layer Masks1.89 mb Download
12.content_aware fill_and_scale Pg 48-49 - Photoshop contains image processing technology so advanced it looks like magic1.37 mb Download
13.adjust_exposure Pg 52-53 - Correcting your exposure mistakes is easy with Photoshop1.34 mb Download
14.colour correction Pg 54-55 - Correcting colour casts and white balance problems921.31 kb Download
15.contrast_saturation Pg 56-57 - Using curves and blend modes to improve colour saturation and contrast in your digital photos1.47 mb Download
16.monochrome techniques Pg 58-65 - Photoshop offers many ways to convert colour images into black and white 3.40 mb Download
17.adding graduated filter Pg 66-67 - Graduated filters can improve photos by adding depth and colour to the sky898.97 kb Download
18.correct_lens_distortion Pg 68-69 - Correct the optical distortion of ultra-wide lenses with Photoshop’s Adaptive Wide Angle1.06 mb Download
19.pano_stitching Pg 70-71 - Get the whole of the landscape into one ultra-wide picture3.14 mb Download
20.colour_replacement Pg 72-73 - Swapping one colour for another1.23 mb Download
21.soft_focus Pg 74-75 - Adding a soft focus effect gives your portraits a romantic feel759.49 kb Download
22.acr_workflow Pg 80-83 - Getting the most out of your Raw files24.80 mb Download
23.collodion_wet_plate Pg 86 - 91 - A unique and eye-catching portrait technique1.21 mb Download
24.orton_technique Pg 92-97 - Add dreamlike watercolour effects to your images1.05 mb Download
25.photo_to_cartoon Pg 98-103 - Turn a portrait into a panel from a graphic novel1.06 mb Download
26.simulating_snow Pg 104-109 - Give your images a cool winter makeover371.37 kb Download
27.lomo_effect Pg 110-115 - Low fidelity images that everybody loves1.75 mb Download
28.dragan_effect Pg 116-121 - Give the people in your shots a dramatic makeover1.21 mb Download
29.stone_skin Pg 122-127 - A fun technique for human statues3.00 mb Download
30.image_compositing Pg 128-133 - Combining a foreground subject and a background image3.27 mb Download
31.look_sharp Pg 135-147 - There are plenty of options when it comes to sharpening your photos6.27 mb Download
32.out_of_bounds Pg 148-155 - Time for your images to break free2.44 mb Download
33.lens_flare_and_sunlight Pg 156-165 - Some tips on how to create non-destructive lighting effects3.27 mb Download
34.replace_a_dull_sky Pg 166-169 - How you can alter the weather itself to suit your needs859.92 kb Download
35.landscape_pop Pg 170-177 - A few simple adjustments can make all the difference57.26 mb Download
36.selective_colour Pg 178-181 - Converting to black and white but keeping a little splash of colour1.15 mb Download
37.multi_exposure Pg 182-187 - You don’t need expensive lighting equipment when you have Photoshop2.27 mb Download
38.liquid_effects Pg 188-193 - Add a drop of liquid realism to your images with Photoshop317.89 kb Download