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install kali linux
Installing a Desktop Environment in Kali Linux
Previously you installed Kali Linux on Windows 10 as its own app. Launching it brings up the Kali Linux command prompt and from there you can enter most of the
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Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad
Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad Review
If you own an iPhone 8/8 Plus or newer, you can charge it without using a power cord. Instead you place it on a wireless charging pad, and it charges
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Common Computing Misconceptions
We’ve heard everything from ‘cat hair can damage mechanical keyboards’, to ‘optical disks that spin over 45x can fly out of the drive and cut your legs off!’.
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CyberGhost VPN Review
CyberGhost VPN – Review
For those of you wanting near total anonymity from the prying eyes of the government, nefarious hackers, or some other clandestine group, then the key to your privacy is through
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windows 10 october update 2
Windows 10 October Update Now Available
The latest update to Windows 10 has just been released by Microsoft. Version 1809 of Windows 10, or the October Update as it’s also called (also, Redstone 5), is available
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Install Kali Linux in Windows 10 – Part 1
Microsoft’s relationship with Linux has been somewhat vague over the years. However, in recent months the Redmond company has found a new love for Linux and is now allowing it
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OSX Mojave
Mojave Gives Boot Camp the Boot
The introduction of macOS Mojave brought a wealth of new features, but for one particular Mac, it also lost one.
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How to Fix Windows 10 DPI Scaling on 4K Screens
There are a lot of programs that were written before high DPI and 4K screens were commonplace, and as such they haven’t been updated to support or make use of
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10 Ancient computers that are still in use today
We took to investigating these old machines and to our surprise we discovered that there are still a fair few being used right now.
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10 Arcade titles that will bring back fond memories
These days the arcades just aren’t the same. Gone are the classics, and all we’re left with are a smattering of racing titles, some kind of shooting game and the
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Soylent and the need for better nutrition
The 21st century has brought with it incredible technical advances, but at what cost? We work more hours, we skip important meal times, we binge drink caffeine like it’s going out
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common raspberry pi problems
7 Common Raspberry Pi Problems Solved!
The Raspberry Pi hardware and software is pretty reliable and problems are more often due to set up errors rather than anything to do with the hardware.
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install linux mint on windows pc
Installing Linux Mint on a PC
Learn how to install Linux Mint on a Windows PC.
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fresh start in windows 10
How to do a Fresh Start in Windows 10
Refreshing and resetting your Windows 10 PC are two very different things and you should always make sure you know which is the best choice to solve your current problem.
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perfect linux setup after installation
10 Steps To Linux Perfection
While many Linux distributions work seamlessly out of the box, often there are a few extras you can use that help make your installation a better place to work in,
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