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android oreo
9 Android Oreo Tips and Tricks
Android Oreo adds many improvements and options to the operating system, from behind-the-scenes security and performance enhancements, to giving you better ways to manage notifications and messages.
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start using C++
How to Start Using C++ in Windows 10
Windows users have a wealth of choice when it comes to programming in C++. There are loads of IDEs and compilers available, including Visual Studio from Microsoft. However, in our
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the best linux distribution for beginners
The 5 Best Linux Distributions for Beginners
There are lots of versions of Linux available, known as “Distributions.” Each has a different ethos and approach. Here are the five most popular distributions available and where you can
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Beginner Python Mistakes1
10 Common Beginner Mistakes in Python
Python is a relatively easy language to get started in where there’s plenty of room for the beginner to find their programming feet. However, as with any other programming language,
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top tips for iphone
Top Tips for Your iPhone
With our help you can check on your battery health, connect to Bluetooth peripherals, send and receive files using AirDrop, check which model of iPhone you have, use more of
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common coding terms
Common and Useful Coding Terms
Trying to include definitions for every programming language would require many more pages than we have here. However, we have created a list of some of the most common terms
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google chrome tips and tricks
Google Chrome Tips and Tricks
Even if you have been using Chrome for a while, there are probably dozens of tricks that you never even knew were possible. Here are a few tips and tricks
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Learn Monochrome Techniques in Photoshop
With the right choice of subject, a good well-exposed monochrome image can become a work of art. Almost all digital cameras include a black and white mode, and as you’d
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Installing a Virtual Environment for Linux
A guide to installing a virtual environment for Linux. Oracle’s VirtualBox is one of the easiest virtual machine platforms for the beginner to experiment on. Within it you can install
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The Rules of Photo Composition
Learning the rules of photo composition can improve the results of any photographer. The difference between a good shot of your favourite view or subject and a truly awesome one
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Using Do Not Disturb Mode on iPad
It’s easy to switch the Do Not Disturb feature on and off from the main Settings screen or the Control Centre but there’s more to it than meets the eye.
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Security Risks in Windows 10
Security Risks in Windows 10
There are more security risks for your computer than just the common virus. The amount of digital use the average person has over the course of a week has increased
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