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1MORE bt in-ear headphones
Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones – Review
Wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds have come a long way over the last few years, but can a wire-free audio experience truly satisfy? Let’s take a look...
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why choose python
Why Choose Python?
There are many different programming languages available for the modern computer, and some still available for older 8 and 16-bit computers too. Some of these languages are designed for scientific
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Remembering – Amstrad CPC 464
When Alan Sugar’s Amstrad bought out the Sinclair brand, the 8-bit world gave forth a bit of a shudder; after all, our precious Spectrum was now part of the company
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what to do if hacked
What To Do If You Are Hacked
Being the victim of a hack sounds scary to most people, but while you should take it seriously, there is often no need to panic. If you think you have
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MINIX NEO N42C-4 – Review
Another small computer from the world-leading MINIX, we hear you say? Don’t be fooled by its size, though, as this Windows 10 Pro powered, upgradable mini-PC packs a heck of
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photographing sunsets
Photographing Sunsets and Sunrises
As the sun arcs across the sky in daytime, the light is harsh and creates hard, deep shadows, which is why landscape photographers tend not to shoot during the main
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Create a Blog with
There is a wealth of information about using WordPress available, but the best way to learn about this powerful and adaptable piece of software is to start using it.
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icloud and files on ipad
Using iCloud And Files Apps on iPad
iCloud is Apple’s cloud computing service. You can use it to sync information and files across your Apple devices using iCloud and even access some of them on the Internet.
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9 tips for taking better photos
9 Tips for Taking Better Photos
Many of these tips cover shooting techniques, others may simply be advice about equipment and understanding a little more about your camera.
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MINIX NEO Z83-4U – Review
A fresh addition from the stable of one of the best mini-PC designers. But does this Ubuntu-powered, palm-sized, micro PC have what it takes to deliver the goods?
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3.5 inch floppy disks
Remembering – 3.5in Floppy Disks
It’s hard to believe that a mere 15 years ago, Dell Computers announced that they were phasing out 3.5-inch floppy disk drives from their line of products.
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speed up netflix connection
Speed Up Your Netflix Connection
Do you suffer from long loading times and constant buffering interruptions when trying to watch movies or TV shows on Netflix? It can be so frustrating.
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free cloud storage
Get 100GB of Free Cloud Storage
There are many cloud storage providers, offering both free and paid storage plans, and with a little bit of work, and some organisation, you can get more than 100GB of
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backup with time machine
Backup and Restore with Time Machine
The Time Machine backup utility is a very important part of the MacOS operating system. It creates incremental backups of your files to a specified location, such as an external
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install python in windows 10
How to Set Up Python in Windows 10
Whilst most seasoned Python developers may shun Windows as the platform of choice for building their code, it’s still an ideal starting point for beginners.
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