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coding platform
Creating a Beginners Coding Platform
The term ‘Coding Platform’ can denote a type of hardware, on which you can code, or a particular operating system, or even a custom environment that’s pre-built and designed to
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python logo
What Can You Do With Python?
Python is an open-source, object-oriented programming language that’s simple to understand and write, yet also powerful and extremely malleable. It’s these characteristics that help make it such an important language
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build your own pc
10 Reasons to Build Your Own PC
There are many reasons to build your own PC, and if you took five different builders, all five might have a completely different reason for wanting you undertake this task.
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check android malicious apps
Check Android for Malicious Apps
Google Play Protect helps us do exactly that, scanning up to 50 billion apps every day, not only on the Play Store, but also on your Android devices. It also
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whatsapp hack
WhatsApp Hack – Protect Yourself
As you may have read in the news media, the extremely popular Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp was recently discovered to have a flaw in it which could have allowed hackers
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Understanding Hyperfocal Distance
A very important part of photography in general and landscape photography in particular is to ensure that your prime point of interest, your main elements are in sharp focus.
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google home routines
How to Use Google Home Routines
Routines are a set of actions that your Google Home can perform, activated by a single voice command. You can customise existing pre-set routines in the Google Home app, or
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set up apple TV
Set Up and Use Apple TV
Setting up your Apple TV isn’t hard, but if you’re new to Apple’s palm-sized video streamer, you might want a little advice. Here’s a guide to getting started with Apple
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history of coding
A Brief History of Coding
It’s easy to think that programming a machine to automate a process or calculate a value is a modern concept that’s only really happened in the last fifty years or
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gmail confidential mode
Using the Gmail Confidential Mode
You may not have realised it yet, but Gmail now has a Confidential mail mode. This allows you to send an email which cannot be forwarded, can’t be copied and
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stay safe whatsapp
10 Tips for Staying Safe on WhatsApp
With over a billion users worldwide, accounts of terrorists using WhatsApp, along with hackers, scammers and all manner of nefarious individuals and groups are always in the popular media.
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Eject Water from an Apple Watch
The second, third and fourth generation Apple Watches came with a really useful feature – they are all waterproof. Find out how to eject any water from the watch after
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16 Pixel 3 Beginner Tips & Tricks
Android 9.0 brings a lot of changes to the Pixel 3 and Pixel XL phones. Lets take a look at some of the main new features of Pie on the
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1MORE bt in-ear headphones
Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones – Review
Wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds have come a long way over the last few years, but can a wire-free audio experience truly satisfy? Let’s take a look...
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why choose python
Why Choose Python?
There are many different programming languages available for the modern computer, and some still available for older 8 and 16-bit computers too. Some of these languages are designed for scientific
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