Star Wars: KOTOR iOS & Android Edition – Lockdown Time Killer Game No.4

Fourth in a series of recommendations of the very best time filling games to help ease you through the long hours of a national lockdown. The force is really rather strong with this game!

  • Aspyr Media, Inc. 
  • £9.99, $9.99, 9,90 €
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.3 / Android Check Device

Disney +’s The Mandalorian has taught us three things, one… Pedro Pascal should be offered every leading man role in Hollywood! Two… Carl Weather’s needs to direct a movie, now! And finally, three… The only way forward for the Star Wars franchise is to allow creator’s to explore the universe Lucas’s created and not simply emulate it. A subtle segway (ahem!) into the core of this review/recommendation, the greatest Star Wars game of all time – Knights of the Old Republic – a game so great that the shift to mobile didn’t strike it down, it made it more powerful! 

Faithfully based on the classic 2003 Xbox game Knights of the Old Republic is set roughly 4,000 years before the original Star Wars trilogy, and you control a unique character caught in the middle of the galactic civil war between the Republic and the Sith. The storyline has you travelling around the galaxy in an attempt to track down the Dark Lord of the Sith – Darth Malak – and the powerful Star Forge device that he possesses. To begin with your character is completely customisable (race /gender etc); and as you progress through the game, you’ll meet a variety of never-before-seen characters that play a huge role in the outcome of the game.

Much like BioWare’s Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic focuses greatly on the RPG element; for example, selecting specific answers (good or bad) when speaking to characters, you can gravitate towards either the light or dark side of the Force depending on your preference. You will have to diplomatically resolve disputes, solve murders, and side with certain characters; and your answers and the actions taken in the game will determine your destiny! The choice is yours. This means that there are two completely different ways to play the game, which makes its longevity exceptional, and well worth the asking price. The game is controlled using a variety of on-screen commands, and your character’s movement is controlled with a touch screen or bluetooth joystick. All combat revolves around real-time strategy turn-based attacks, much like Final Fantasy games.

Action is paused when you enter a battle, allowing you to order your three party members to attack the enemy using a combination of tactical moves. You’ll also have to navigate the pull-up menu to switch between your nine available party members in order to heal, throw grenades, and use Force Powers to survive. All of this is done with simple tap and swipe gestures. You can completely customise your party of nine including Twi’leks, Droids, and Wookies; as well customising your very own Lightsabers; and mastering over 40 unique Force Powers! Upgrading your characters is key. Visually, the game looks really impressive capturing the retro appeal of the original with a fresh coat of contemporary gloss. Each character has their own appearance and personality; the expansive levels are detailed and vivid in colour; and the flash of a Lightsaber will have you smiling every time. This goes for the sound effects also, from the sound of Blasters blasting and Lightsabers clashing, to the iconic Star Wars theme tune. There are many main quests to complete as you travel through eight iconic Star Wars locations in your very own Starship, such as Tatooine and Kashyyyk; as well as hundreds of side quests; and a variety of characters to interact with in order to uncover the detailed plot, which is full of surprises and twists and turns throughout. This is truly an amazing game, and in our opinion, one of the greatest action-RPG games of all time!

Star Wars ROTOR
  • Overall Time Killed


The force is strong in every pixel in this epic sprawling classic retro adventure. 

+ A vast intergalactic world to explore
+ Instantly familiar to franchise fans
+ Smooth visuals and an epic sound track
– Far better when played with a joypad

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