SF Bags Dash Express Case – Review

For Mario on the move, Animal Crossing away from home and Tetris on the train...

  • SF Bags
  • www.sfbags.com
  • £32, $39, 35 €
  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite

When you want to take your Switch from A to B without being weighed down with bulky carry bags, Dash Express Case is ideal. Available in a range of colours for both the full-sized Nintendo Switch and the smaller Switch Lite, it’s a handy sleeve that keeps your portable console safe and sound without being cumbersome and bulky.

The outer part of the Dash Express Case is made from 800 D Forza fabric, black ballistic nylon or waxed canvas, depending on which colour you choose. Inside, the slipcase is lined with a plush and fuzzy fur fabric, which is bound to keep your console safe from scratches. It stays in place too; pull aside the elastic strip that guards the top of the case to slide your Switch in, then replace it to keep it there. There’s a loop on the side for an optional carabiner or wrist strap too, and you can throw in a matching four-game cartridge holder for a few extra bucks.

Obviously, you can’t pack out the Dash Express Case with all your Switch accessories such as a Pro Controller, charger and so on, but there are plenty of times when you won’t wish to. For when you just want to keep your Switch to hand with the minimum of fuss, it’s ideal.

SF Bags Dash Express Case
  • Overall


The ideal companion to your Nintendo Switch, for when you don’t need to carry all your peripherals.

+ A good price
+ Solid construction
+ Keeps your Switch safe
– Can’t carry all your accessories

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