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Over 160 apps for a small monthly fee? Gimmie that!

  • Company: Setapp Limited
  • Website:
  • Price: $9.99 a month + VAT (around £8.20, 9.10 €)
  • Compatibility: Depends on app

How many times have you spent good money on an app you only used once or twice? How often do you wish you had an app for a specific job, but couldn’t find one? For these times, Setapp really shows the advantage of subscription services.

Setapp is like Netflix or Readly for software. You pay a set monthly fee, for which you get unlimited access to over 160 apps. Use as many or as few as you like, and install and remove them as often as you wish. If, for example, you need Renamer for a one-off job of changing the titles on a batch of files, you can download it, do the job, and then delete it.

There are plenty of apps you’ll want to use on a daily basis too. CleanMyMac X is awesome for keeping your Mac running well. Small apps that improve the Mac’s interface such as Bartender, Yoink and uBar are a joy to use, and for the creative types, there’s Ulysses for long-form writing and Swift Publisher for layouts. Around two or three apps are added every month, and the Setapp people take great care to only allow the best software onto the service, so there’s never any rubbish in there.

The Setapp browser makes it easy to find and install new apps, and reinstall those you’ve previously deleted. This makes it even easier to dip in and out of apps you need every now and then, without them clogging up your hard drive.

Three of the Best…

These are just some of the 160+ apps on offer in the Setapp subscription service.

CleanMyMac X

The ultimate Mac maintenance package. Optimise performance by cleaning out junk, safely uninstall applications, and seek out large and unused files.

Disk Drill

If you have a damaged drive you can’t access, or you’ve deleted a file by mistake, Disk Drill helps you recover it. It’s easy to use too.


Power up your Finder with this awesome file management app. It’s extremely flexible; after a few months with ForkLift, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

But don’t take our word for it; if you subscribe to Essential AppleUser Magazine, you get a free six-month subscription to Setapp thrown in. Click below for more details of this great offer.


  • Overall


SetApp is an excellent service giving access to a huge range of Mac apps at a very good price.

+ Over 150 apps
+ Very affordable
+ Only quality software
+ Useful app browser

Ian Osborne

Ian has worked on computer and video games magazines since the legendary Crash and Zzap! 64 in the early Nineties, so he’s seen many changes over the years (including an expanding waistline and receding hairline). A lifelong Mac user, he bought his first Mac in the year 2000. It’s a testament to the resilience of the Mac that his mother is still using that computer to this very day.

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