Sending Group Messages on iPhone 12

You iPhone allows you to send a message to multiple people at the same time, rather than having to message each person individually. Here's how to create Group Messages on your iPhone 12.

Step 1 – You can add multiple recipients to start a group conversation, just by typing more than one person’s name or number in the To field of a new message. When group messaging, the name of the sender appears above each message so you can see who said what.

Step 2 – In a group conversation, you can access unique controls by tapping the People icons at the top of the screen, then tapping ‘i’. Tap the Change Name and Photo link under the icons and you can rename the group, and give it a picture of its own instead of the people pics.

Step 3 – Swipe a name to the left and tap Remove to delete someone from the group conversation. Tap Add Contact to add someone to the group. With the location links you can let the rest of the group know where you are; just the thing if you’re all meeting up somewhere.

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Step 4 – While in a group conversation, you can type a name of someone in the group to send the message to that person alone. You can also long tap a message to reply directly to that specific message, and view replies in the group or in a thread of its own.

More Cool Message Features

The hold bubble – Tap and hold on a message you’ve received and a bubble appears above it. This bubble offers a range of options. You can like or unlike the message with a thumb icon, send a heart, a laugh or question mark and more.

Rich links – When someone sends you a web link in a Messages conversation, you get a preview of the website, right there in the message. All you have to do is tap the link to go straight to the linked site in Safari.

Using emojis – Emojis, including smiley faces, can be found by tapping and holding the keyboard’s Globe icon and selecting Emoji. Slide them right and left for more. An emoji sent on its own is shown larger.

Message Search – Pull down the Messages screen to see the Messages app’s search field. Tap it, and you’re offered recent people, links, photos, and locations. Start to type, and these suggestions are streamlined, and conversations are added.

Scribble and draw – Turn the iPhone into landscape orientation and on the virtual keyboard, tap the ‘squiggle’ key in the bottom right. You get a pad on which you can make finger drawings or write scribbled messages. Tap Done to put it in your message.

Apple Pay – You can send money through Apple Pay in Messages, assuming your iPhone is capable of using this feature. Tap the Apple Pay icon and follow the instructions to send money. This feature is not yet available in every territory.

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