Secrets – Review

The new best way to keep your passwords a secret from prying eyes.

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  • Mac: £19.99, $19.99, 21,99 €
  • Mobile: £19.99, $19.99, 21,99 €
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor; iOS 11.0 or later

Password managers are great. Instead of memorising legions of logins, you can store them all in an app. Throw in serials for purchased software, private notes, credit card information and banking details, and you have a wealth of personal information at your fingertips, all protected by a single password that opens the app. With password managers like 1Password and LastPass now adopting a subscription model, you might consider switching to Secrets. It’s a once-only purchase, and although it lacks some of the high-end features of 1Password, it more than makes up for this in its straightforward accessibility.

Information stored in Secrets is divided into five categories; Favourites, Logins, Wallet, Notes and Software. You can store a comprehensive range of information on each card, including emails, passcodes, usernames, attachments and more. Information is stored in your Secrets vault which is synced in iCloud, so you can access it from any Apple device running the Secrets app. Only one vault is currently supported, but if you wanted to divide your information into (say) work and personal, you could add these terms as tags and use filters to show one or the other.

A great deal of attention has been paid to security. Although browser extensions are implemented, allowing you to log in to websites using information stored in Secrets, only the main app has access to the vault. Extensions and helper apps must retrieve it from there. You can check your passwords for vulnerabilities too, with the app letting you know if a password is easily guessed or has appeared in recent hacking events. Being Apple-only means the developer has implemented unique security features offered by Apple devices, such as Touch ID, Face ID and use Apple Watch to unlock.

If you already have a password manager such as 1Password, LastPass or Rapido Serial, you can move to Secrets quickly and easily too, by exporting your current vault and then importing it into Secrets.

Despite a few rough edges, Secrets is a powerful yet simple app that does more than enough for the vast majority of users. It has a clean interface, solid security and enough features for all but the most demanding power user.

  • Overall


Ideal for those who prefer ease of use and once-only payments to subscription models and advanced features they may never need.

+ Clean, uncomplicated interface
+ One-time purchase
+ iCloud syncing
– A few rough edges

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