Recording Your Screen on the Samsung Galaxy S21

Your Samsung Galaxy S21 has, as long as it is running Android 11 (which it should be), a built-in screen recording feature that allows you to capture videos of exactly what is displayed on your screen. You could use it to show off how good you are at your favourite game, or to demonstrate to a friend or relative how they perform a certain action on their own phone.

Recording Your Screen

Step 1 – Open the Quick Settings panel on your S21 by dragging down twice from the status bar with the screen unlocked. Here (you might need to swipe to the second panel) you will see a new option “Screen Recorder”. Tap this, and if doing so for the first time, give the Samsung Capture app permission to record video and audio.

Step 2 – Every time you start using Screen Recorder, you will be asked to choose the sound settings for the recording: No Sound, Media Sounds (the sound of a game, for example), or Media Sounds and Mic. The final option allows you to record voice/narration over the top of the screen video you record. Select the one you want to use, and then tap “Start recording”.

Step 3 – You are now recording your screen, and can use your phone as normal, with everything you do captured in the video. At the top-right of the screen you will see a small control panel (which won’t be visible in the video). This has buttons to pause and stop recording.

Step 4 – The small person icon activates the front-facing camera, so you can include your face in the video (it appears in a small circle at the top-left of the screen). The pencil icon opens the screen drawing panel, so you can draw on screen to highlight something in the video, for example. You can change the colour of the pencil by tapping the small coloured circle and selecting a new colour from the palette.

Step 5 – When you want to finish recording, tap the Stop button. If you have closed the controls panel, you can stop recording by opening the notifications panel and tapping the Screen Record notification. Your video will automatically be saved in a new album in your photo gallery app called “Screen recordings”.

Step 6 – Once you have your video recorded and saved, you can edit it using the gallery app editor, or any other video editing app you have installed on your device. Certain things cannot be recorded including, but not limited to, Netflix. You can set the screen recorder running while watching a Netflix movie on your phone, and it will look like it’s recording, but the saved video will just be a black screen.

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