QDOS UV Gadget Sanitizer – Review

Worried about bugs on your phone? This wireless charger also sanitises your gear.

  • QDOS
  • www.qdossound.com
  • £59.99, $69.99, 69.99 €
  • Compatibility: Smart phones with Qi-charging capabilities

‘Wash your hands,’ scream a dozen posters and TV adverts, all trying to keep us safe from the coronavirus. ‘Sanitise before entering the store,’ says the hand-written note next to the bottle of sanitiser in every shop doorway. Keeping clean is certainly the order of the day, but what’s the point in washing and sanitising your hands every hour if they only get mucky again next time you pick up your phone?

That’s where QDOS’ UV Gadget Sanitizer & Wireless Charger comes in. It’s a closed box big enough to take a phone of up to 6.7 inches in screen size, or you could drop in your keys, earbuds, cables or other such items. Plug it into a USB charger (not supplied) with the USB-A to USB-C cable (supplied), and choose between a quick three-minute clean or a more in-depth ten-minute sanitisation. Your gadgets are bathed in dual wavelength UV light which kills 99.99% of bacteria.

The UV Gadget Sanitizer & Wireless Charger also serves as a Qi charging pad. To charge your phone, which needs to be Qi-charging compatible, place it on top of the unit while it’s closed. It then serves as a regular wireless charger. A USB through-port means you can also charge gadgets that aren’t Qi-compatible.

It’s a great way to keep your personal tech clean and bacteria-free, though it’s a little on the large side. This isn’t exactly a bad thing – if it was more sylph-like, it wouldn’t be big enough to bathe your bulkier items, but it might not be a good fit for your bedside table if you’re pushed for space. Overall, though, it’s an excellent means of sanitising your tech, just like you do for your hands.


QDOS UV Gadget Sanitizer
  • Overall


Make your tech as clean as your hands, and keep the germs at bay.

+ Keep your phone clean
+ In-built Qi charger
+ Spacious cleaning bath
– A little bulky

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