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An entire TV network that fits into your pocket! And one that’s completely free!

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There’s nothing on the telly! An often used expression of dismay at the televisual output of our cable or digital tv subscription providers that is heard across living rooms across the planet. Now while there have been an influx of Netflix/Prime inspired apps, few have attempted an actual independent streaming TV network. Even less have attempted this lofty goal without the backing of a major broadcaster and/or a subscription based fee.

The reasoning behind this is simple, without large scale investment quality entertainment is hard to find. Yet somehow not only have Pluto TV managed to source some fantastic content, across a range of genres and demographics they have done it for free, almost.

There is the inclusion of advertising which is obtrusive by definition but when held in comparison with its peers, far less so. Several large UK based broadcasters double-stuff their streaming content with advertising to such a degree the ad break inspires dread! Not so much here, although the looping, albeit short, ads are a little annoying after a few viewings.

The user interface is easy to navigate and instantly familiar, taking its lead from the interactive EPG style that is standard in most hardware. Most importantly the diverse content itself is the main point of interest and there is over 250 channels to choose from. From recent movie releases to retro cartoons of the 80’s, there is so much choice its hard to imagine even the most demanding viewer not finding something that appeals.

Pluto TV is a fantastic app and one that we should champion and promote, the more downloads means more ad views for them and new content for us. Deal!

Pluto TV
  • Overall


It’s a free collection of streaming and on demand channels and content, that’s actually got content you want to watch. An entertainment essential.

+ Movies, Sports & More
+ No subscription fee
+ Wide range of content

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