Photoshop Tricks Tips & Fixes – Vol 19

Photoshop Tricks, Tips Fixes Vol19

Bring out the best in your photos with our essential guide full of creative digital editing techniques.

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Title Description Size Download
018-019.Selection Tools 1.79 mb Download
020-021.Healing Brush Tools 2.83 mb Download
022-023.Clone Stamp Tool 1.52 mb Download
026-027.Paint Bucket Gradient Fill 897.20 kb Download
030-031.Making Selections 1.14 mb Download
032-033.Modifying Selections 1.03 mb Download
034-035.Using Layers 5.46 mb Download
036-037.Adjustment Layers 539.10 kb Download
038-039.Curves and Levels 464.68 kb Download
040-041.Cropping and Resizing 1.01 mb Download
042-043.Quick Mask Mode 1.11 mb Download
044-045.Using Layer Masks 816.91 kb Download
046-047.Content Aware Fill and Scale 1.64 mb Download
050-051.Adjusting Exposure 837.02 kb Download
052-053.Contrast Saturation 783.11 kb Download
054-055.Adding Grad Filter 822.82 kb Download
056-057.Correcting Lens Distortion 798.60 kb Download
058-059.Panorama Stitching 1.77 mb Download
060-061.Colour Replacement 216.17 kb Download
062-063.Soft Focus Technique 990.64 kb Download
070-073.ACR Workflow 23.22 mb Download
076-085.Stylised Portraits 1.27 mb Download
086-093.Long Exposure_11_12 33.26 mb Download
086-093.Long Exposure_1_2 33.01 mb Download
086-093.Long Exposure_3_4 33.25 mb Download
086-093.Long Exposure_5_6 33.03 mb Download
086-093.Long Exposure_7_8 33.39 mb Download
086-093.Long Exposure_9_10 33.32 mb Download
094-103.Digital Makeup Effects 1.70 mb Download
104-111.Out of Bounds 2.56 mb Download
112-121.Creating Sunbeams 2.01 mb Download
122-131.Lens Flare and Sunlight 3.43 mb Download
132-145.Look Sharp 4.86 mb Download