Photoshop The Beginners Guide – Vol 20

Explore the world of photo editing with our easy-to-follow guides. Whether you need to make the simplest edits to your photos or create brand new works of art then Photoshop is your one stop destination.

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Title Description Size Download
018-19.Selection Tools Photoshop provides multiple methods for isolating areas of your image 2.89 mb Download
020-21.Healing Brush Tools Clean up minor blemishes, dust spots and stray hairs with the Healing Brush tools 6.12 mb Download
022-23.Clone Stamp Tool Remove unwanted elements from your photos 1.52 mb Download
026-27.Gradient Fill and Paint Bucket Fill layers and selections with colours, textures and gradients 757.20 kb Download
030-31.Making Selections The ability to select and modify only part of an image is fundamental to how Photoshop works 1.30 mb Download
032-33.Modifying Selections Photoshop has sophisticated tools to refine selections 1.13 mb Download
034-35.Using Layers Understanding layers is fundamental to Photoshop editing 5.73 mb Download
036-37.Adjustment Layers A great way to edit your images without damaging them 634.12 kb Download
038-39.Curves and Levels The most versatile way to adjust tone and colour balance in your digital images 596.11 kb Download
040-41.Cropping and Resizing Changing the size of a digital photograph 2.87 mb Download
042-43.Quick Mask Mode There’s a quicker way of editing selections and masks 1.23 mb Download
044-45.Using Layer Masks Add effects non-destructively with Layer Masks 1.98 mb Download
046-47.Content Aware fill and scale Photoshop contains image processing technology so advanced it looks like magic 1.20 mb Download
050-51.Adjusting Exposure Correcting your exposure mistakes is easier with Photoshop 468.19 kb Download
052-53.Contrast and Saturation Using curves and blend modes to improve colour saturation and contrast in your digital photos 1.54 mb Download
054-55.Grad Filter Graduated filters can improve photos by adding depth and colour to the sky 599.33 kb Download
056-57.Correcting Lens Distortion Correct the optical distortion of ultra-wide lenses with Photoshop’s Adaptive Wide Angle 2.19 mb Download
058-59.Panorama Stitching Get the whole of the landscape into one ultra-wide picture 2.30 mb Download
060-61.Colour Replacement Swapping one colour for another 1.29 mb Download
062-63.Soft Focus Technique Adding a soft focus effect gives your portraits a romantic feel 777.72 kb Download
070-73.ACR Workflow Getting the most out of your Raw files 26.01 mb Download
076-85.How to Make it Rain Add mood and drama to your images 969.89 kb Download
086-93.Make Landscape Pop A few simple adjustments can make all the difference 26.80 mb Download
094-103.Composite Photos How to seamlessly combine multiple images 11.71 mb Download
104-113.Merging Photos and 3D How to add 3D objects to your 2D photos 3.08 mb Download
114-119.Pencil Sketch Effect Start scribbling and release your own inner artist 1.19 mb Download
120-127.Max DoF 1 Make your photos as sharp as they can be 84.90 mb Download
120-127.Max DoF 2 Make your photos as sharp as they can be 92.12 mb Download
128-135.Noise Removal 1 A cool method that allows low-light photography without a tripod 79.37 mb Download
128-135.Noise Removal 2 A cool method that allows low-light photography without a tripod 79.30 mb Download