Photography Hacks – Easy Lightbox 2.0

Other items you have in your home can also be pressed into service to act as impromptu lightboxes.

A smart TV that allows you to display photos can work. A jpeg of a completely white image, when displayed on your TV, can instantly become a backlight. Just place your subject in front of the TV and away you go.

A computer screen is just as good an alternative, as is a large tablet or laptop. Of course, you also have the benefit of being able to display more than just a plain white image. Any image that you care to use can be turned into an illuminated backdrop for your subject. The various sizes of each device will determine what size objects you can shoot, but for small still life items, it’s a neat little trick.

lightbox screen

Again, if you need to add any extra light to illuminate your subject, a small desk lamp shone through thin paper can be used. Even a reasonably bright torch can be used in a pinch.

Depending on the apertures you are using, you may find that you are picking up moiré patterns off the pixels on the screen. Keep your subject as far from the screen as you can and use a shallower depth of field such as F/3.5, or better still F/2.8, to try to eliminate those annoying patterns.

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