Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad – Review

With a Qi-compatible charging pad, you can charge recent phones and tablets without plugging them in. But how do they work, and is the Otto Q the pad for you?

  • Price: £44.95, $45, 49.95 €
  • Manufacturer: Moshi,
  • Compatibility: iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, Android tablets and phones that support Qi charging

If you own an iPhone 8/8 Plus or newer, you can charge it without using a power cord. Instead you place it on a wireless charging pad, and it charges without plugging in anything. It’s called Qi charging, from the Chinese word ‘qi’, meaning ‘energy flow’. Moshi’s new Otto Q (which they claim is design-based on Danish furniture; the mind boggles), is such a charger, and can charge any phone or tablet that conforms to the Qi standard.

We’ve no idea whether or not it looks like Danish furniture, but it’s certainly stylish. Its grey cloth finish is topped with a silicone ring to stop your phone slipping around on it, and there’s a silicone pad on the base to prevent it sliding across your desk too. It’s powered through a three-foot (1m) USB-C cable, which you can connect to your computer or a USB mains plug. It can charge through a case up to five millimetres thick, and for safety, it automatically detects metal objects and switches itself off if necessary. Note that like all Qi chargers, the Otto Q is for charging only. You can’t use it for syncing or data transfer.

When paired with a high-output USB mains plug (sold separately), the Otto Q supports fast charging at up to 10W. That’s certainly enough for the fast-charging standards used by both Apple (7.5 W) and Samsung (9 W). In our tests, it maxed out a completely flat iPhone X in just over four hours, using Moshi’s own ProGeo 4-port USB Wall Charger (sold separately).

As long as you have a compatible phone or tablet, a Qi-compatible charging pad is the most convenient way to charge. Just don’t forget yourself and put your coffee cup on it by mistake.


Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad
  • Overall


A convenient and quick way to charge your Qi-compatible phone or tablet. It looks the part too.

+ Fast charging supported
+ Stylish and convenient
+ Supports latest iPhones
– No choice of colours

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