Organising and Deleting Apps in iOS 15

You can rearrange your app icons and widgets on the screen and delete those you no longer need. You can also offl oad an app, deleting the app itself but retaining its data in case you need it again at a later date.

Arranging apps

Step 1 – To change the order of the app icons on your home screen, first of all, tap and hold on an individual app. A pop-up window appears.

Step 2 – Tap Edit Home Screen. The app icons wobble and show a X in the corner. You can drag them to rearrange. Tap Done when you’ve finished.

Deleting apps

Step 1 – The simplest way to delete an app or widget is to tap and hold its icon and, from the pop-up menu, select the Delete App option. It disappears.

Step 2 – If you have several to delete, tap Edit Home Screen instead. Tap the – on every app or widget you want to delete, then tap Done (top right).

Offloading apps

If you need to delete an app without losing its data, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Scroll down and tap the app you want to offload.

Tap Offload App and the app itself is removed, but data such as your settings or saved games are not. When you download the app again, it’s still there.

Ian Osborne

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