Orb Gaming Virtual Archer – Review

Lincoln greens and tights not compulsory...

  • Price: £27.95
  • Manufacturer: Orb Gaming – https://www.thumbsupuk.com/Products/Virtual_Archer
  • Compatibility: Most iOS and Android phones

VR and AR like devices and their connecting software have improved greatly in recent years. Take, for example, this virtual bow. It’s shaped like a modern composite bow, although significantly smaller, and when paired with a phone and its accompanying app loaded, you’re able to enjoy hours of archery without the risk of actually firing a shaft into your walls, pets or someone nearby.

Orb Gaming Virtual ArcherThe Orb Gaming Virtual Archer is really quite good fun. Once you’ve installed two AAA batteries (not included), enabled Bluetooth on your phone, and downloaded the app, you’re able to pull back the bow string and start playing a collection of games that will have you defending a castle from invaders, shooting dragons, engaging in some hunting and more; even taking out a horde or zombies as they shamble toward you.

Setup is very easy, as previously mentioned. Once the app is loaded on the phone, be that an Android or Apple device (we tested it on a Huawei P Smart and an iPhone S), simply lock the phone is the cradle that sits just above the handle of the bow, launch the app and pull back the string for everything to connect. You then select the game you want to play from the app, and it’s down to your aiming skills.

The accuracy of the device and bow are very good indeed. After a few loose shafts missing their mark, it doesn’t take long before you get your aim and start to go for longer-range headshots and the like. Battery life is rated for up to an impressive 15 hours, and while we didn’t play continuously for that long, it certainly lasted several hours for us to play and test it.

The bow itself weighs around 300g, without the phone in the cradle, and is made from a tough plastic. The arms come folded in while in the box and can be extended once you’re ready to start playing with it. Overall, it’s well made, and doesn’t feel too cheap. It will take some beating, even an over-enthusiastic pull of the string, however, it’s best not to push it too far.

For just under £30 the Orb Gaming Virtual Archer is a decent bit of fun. It’ll make for an interesting Christmas or birthday present, and you can guarantee that at least the cat will be safe from any errant arrows.

Orb Gaming Virtual Archer
  • Overall


Well designed, good fun, and at a reasonable price too.

Connects via Bluetooth
Small and lightweight
Immersive, VR-like fun

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