Olympus Tough TG-5 – Review

One of the best, rugged, and waterproof compacts you can get!

We make no bones about it; DSLRs are the ideal option if you want the best optical quality in your lenses, and the best sensor technology in your camera body. There is a downside of course. The prices of new DSLRs are not exactly wallet-friendly and once you have invested in your amazing bit of kit, you are going to make sure no harm comes to it. That will put a limit on the kinds of shots you can capture.

For those with a more adventurous streak, capturing action in precarious and more perilous locations, both above and below the water, will require a camera that is somewhat more rugged and suited for purpose. Enter the Olympus Tough TG-5.

As the name no doubt suggests, it is designed to survive in situations where a typical DSLR would fear to tread. Short of being bombproof, the TG-5 is built to survive and keep shooting in some very arduous conditions. One look at the design of this camera shows its intent. It has a chunky build quality and claims to be crush-proof up to 100kg.

It can be submerged to depths of up to 15m. If you want to go deeper still, then you can use the optional PT 058 waterproof case and dive to 45m while still having control over all the main camera functions. For those with butter fingers, it is also designed to be drop-proof from a height of 2.1m. For colder conditions, this camera is also very capable, being able to operate in conditions as low as -10°C.

There is not much doubt about its toughness then, but what about its image quality and video capture? The good news is that it uses the TruePic VIII image processor. This is the same processor you’ll find in the flagship OM-D E-1 Mark2. Compact cameras are not usually renowned for ultra high image quality, but here, you will get class-leading quality, enhanced dynamic range and better, high ISO performance.

Couple that with Raw file support, a four-mode variable macro system, and 4K video capture, and you have a super-rugged digital compact that can deliver images and video worthy of your next great adventure.

Mark Frost

Mark started work as a commercial artist during the good old days of Letraset, spray mount and having to process your photos at a local chemist. Having discovered his passion for photography, Photoshop and the wonders of digital image manipulation, he has not looked back. He is well on his way to owning more cameras than he’s had hot dinners.

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