Explore the Newest iOS 14 Camera Features

iOS 14 introduces lots of new camera features to your iPhone. These features, combined with one of the new iPhone devices, means it is now even easier to create stunning photos and manage the photos you take.

Add Captions

You can now add a caption to a photo. Open it and swipe up to reveal the caption field, where you can type whatever you like. It’s a great way of reminding yourself who or what’s in the picture, what you were up to when you took it and other such comments and ideas.

Better Zooming

Zooming into photographs has been improved in the latest version of the Photos app. You can now zoom in further, showing much more of your photographs’ fine detail on the screen. As always, spread to zoom in and pinch to zoom out of an individual photograph.

More Flexible Album Viewing

Viewing an album in the Photos app is now more versatile. Open an album, tap the three-dots icon and select the Sort option. You can then view the pictures according to when they were taken or set up a custom order. It’s great for managing your snaps.

Improved Image Picker

When you access the Photos app from elsewhere in iOS, such as when adding a photo to a message or email, the image picker is improved, making it much easier to find what you want from all of your photos. You can find the picture you want with smart searches.

Filtering your Photos

On the main Photos screen, tap All Photos and then tap the three dots in the top-right corner. From the pop-up, tap Filters and you can restrict your viewing to Favourites, Edited, Photos only, Videos only or All Items. With a filter in place, only those pictures are displayed.

Zoom In and Out

When looking at a page of thumbnails, for example on the All Photos screen or in an album, you can pinch and spread to zoom in and out. Zoom in to see more detail on the photographs, and zoom out to see more pictures on the screen at once.

Better Live Photos

Live Photos are pictures with a few seconds of video captured either side of your still photograph, making the picture come alive. In the latest version of the app, Live Photos is improved, with increased stability when viewed in the Years, Months and Days tabs.

Mightier Memories

The Memories feature is better at choosing appropriate photos and movies to display as a Photos Memory. It’s also better at displaying them, and there are more tracks to play in the background as your pictures are shown. Just the thing for when the relatives come around.

Record Your Location with a Photo

In Settings Privacy > Location Services turn Location Services on. Take a picture in the Camera app and you’re asked to allow it to use your location. Tap Allow and the location in which it was taken is recorded.

Close the Camera app, open the Photos app and tap Albums at the bottom of the screen; then tap Places. You’re shown all the locations where you have taken photos. Tap each location to see the images you have taken there.

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