Learn How to Use The iOS 14 App Library

iPhone users have been able to organise their apps into folders for years, but iOS 14 gives a new take on the concept. The App Library page sits at the end of your Home screen pages, and automatically organises your apps into smart folders. These include categories such as Social, Apple Arcade, Recently Added, Entertainment, Creative and more.

Using the App Library in iOS 14

The apps are still on your regular Home screens, but if you find you’re not using these any more, you can simply hide pages you no longer need. At the top of the App Library is a search field so you can look for an app by name; and tapping a smart folder opens up a whole screen of apps, not just a three-by-three grid like regular folders.

If you scroll your Home screens all the way to the right, you find – as the last Home screen – the App Library. This looks like a page full of folders and in a nutshell, that’s what it is but the folders are assembled automatically by the iPhone instead of by yourself.

If you tap one of the larger app icons inside the App Library folders, the app in question is opened. If you tap a group of four small icons, found in the bottom-right corners of the folders, the folder opens instead. Swipe the page up to go back to the App Library.

The App Library sorts your apps into categories, such as Education, Games, Lifestyle, Entertainment and more. There’s a category called Recently Added for apps you’ve downloaded recently and Suggestions, which picks apps for you based on previous usage.

Like other pages on the Home screen, you can hold a space between apps and make them wobble, then tap an X in the top-left corner of the app icon to delete it; and drag apps out of the folders too. Tap four small icons while wobbling to access that page; still wobbling.

Tap the Search field at the top of the App Library screen for a list of every app on your iPhone, which you can search. Scroll this list up and down and the keyboard disappears, allowing you to browse your iPhone apps in their entirety, in alphabetical order.

To hide specific Home Screen pages on the Home Screen (not App Library), tap and hold a space between icons to make them wobble. Tap the dots icon at the foot of the screen, then uncheck any Home Screen pages you wish to hide or check them to show them again.

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