Multitask Like a Pro with iPad and iPadOS 14

With the latest version of the iPadOS operating system installed, your iPad can multitask; that is, run two apps side by side and have them visible on the screen at the same time. It can even open the same app twice.

Slide Over

Step 1 – When using an app, you might find you need access to a different app, maybe to look up or transfer some information. Swipe up from the foot of the screen to access the dock, then drag another app to the side of the screen, as shown.

Step 2 – Let go of the new app, and it’s shown on a card-like window. With the grey line at the top of this window, you can drag it across the screen or to the side, from where it can turn into a Split Screen app for another sort of multitasking.

Step 3 – To close the sidebar app, simply swipe it off the right hand side of the screen or tap the main app. You can open several apps at once as Slide Over cards and you can even open the main app a second time. Here we have Notes as the main app and also in a sidebar.

Step 4 – If you have more than one Slide Over app open, you can switch between them by swiping up from the black line at the foot of the Slide Over app, and then scrolling through them. Tap the one you want, to open it as a Slide Over.

Picture in Picture

Step 1 – You can use the iPadOS Picture in Picture mode whenever you’re watching a video in a supported app. Look for the button you see here in the Vimeo app, the big square containing a little square in the bottom right corner, as shown here.


Step 2 – Tap that button, and you can watch your video in a window, while you use another iPad app on the screen. Press the Home button to get back to the Home screen, as shown, then open an app of your choice.


Step 3 – You can drag the video window to any part of the screen, Pinch and Spread to change its size and tap it to reveal the picture-in-picture controls. They are: close video screen (top left); back to full-screen (top right); pause/play (middle) and scrub (bottom).

Split View

Step 1 – Split Screen mode will only work with compatible apps and only when in landscape mode. Open a Slide Over app, as described on the previous page and, using the grey line at the top, drag it to either side of the screen.


Step 2 – The apps appear side by side. You can resize them by dragging the black line in the centre left or right, to give one or the other a greater portion of the screen. Drag all the way left or right to close one of the apps.


Step 3 – You can also use Split View multitasking to run the same app twice, on both sides of the screen. Here, for example, we’re looking at two different Safari pages; Apple’s on the left, BDM Publications’ on the right.

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