More iPhone XS Rumours

Fresh from the rumour mill, here’s a collection of what we know so far specs for Apple’s newest iPhones. 


We’ve mentioned in previous posts that naming of the new iPhones has created quite a stir in the community. With Apple opting last year for a jump from 8 to X (ten), and adopting a Roman numeral setup, things have been turned upside down when it comes to predicting the name of the iPhone X’s successor. Here, though, are a few new rumours to whet your appetite.

Apple experts have several possible names on the go:

iPhone 9 and an iPhone 9 Plus (as successors to the iPhone 8 model)

iPhone 11 and 11 Plus

iPhone XI and XI Plus

iPhone XS and XS Plus (could also be a lowercase ‘s’, Xs)

Although Apple news website, 9To5Mac reported that the name may well be XS, some days ago Bloomberg reported that Apple was finding difficulty in choosing a name for its 2018 line up. That of course means that we could end up with anything. Watch this space for more as we get it.


The release of the iPhone X last year brought a collective sudden intake of breath when everyone viewed the price tag. £1,000 for a phone is ridiculously expensive, even for one as good as the iPhone X. Apple is rumoured to have three models due for unveiling in September, and while the cost of the phones is still guess work, here’s what we’ve discovered so far:

The 5.8-inch model could cost in the region of £800 to £900.

The 6.5-inch model could cost in the region of £900 to £1,000+ (which is a pretty eye-watering thought)

The 6.1-inch model could cost in the region of £600 to £700.

Oddly enough, there are also rumours out there that may even be a fourth iPhone announced that’s significantly cheaper. However, as with most rumours of this kind, take it with a pinch of salt.

Triple Lens

One last rumour worth digging into is a triple lens setup; three rear-facing camera lenses, with the most powerful being 12Mp. The competition already has a triple lens setup in place, in the Huawei P20 Pro, which hits 40Mp.

But, there are other sites that hint that Apple will leave out triple lenses for the 2018 release, and instead use them in the 2019 upgrade.

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