MINIX NEO P1 3-Port GaN Charger – Review

Smaller, more portable, but still with plenty of power to offer.

  • Price: £34.90, €39.06, $46.18
  • Manufacturer: MINIX Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: UK, US, AU and EU Plugs available; USB-A and USB-C

Earlier in the year we saw the release of the NEO P2 4-Port GaN Charger, as reviewed by us here. This is a remarkable, and extremely useful multi-port charger that’s bristling with features and comes in at a fantastic price. However, MINX has since upped its game yet again and released the P2’s smaller, but just as capable brother, the NEO P1.

The MINIX NEO P1 is a 3-port charging station, with a pair of USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 ports offering 65W, 5~15V/3A, 20V/3.25A and a single USB-A1 36W Quick Charge 3.0 port at 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A and 20V/1.8A. While it may lack an extra port over its sibling, it certainly makes up for in portability.

The NEO P2 wasn’t a huge charging station, by any stretch of the imagination, but the P1 is significantly smaller. Measuring just 50 x 50 x 25mm and weighing a minute 114g, this palm-sized charger does an extraordinary job.

In the box you’ll get the NEO P1 itself, together with three different types of detachable plugs: Type I (AU), Type C (EU), and Type G (UK). Without any plugs attached, the P1 features a pull-out Type A (US) two-pronged plug. To add a different plug type, you simply slide one of the accompanying plugs over the US type prongs when they’re in the retracted position.

There’s also a small felt drawstring bag to put the P1 inside when transporting it – incidentally, we had two bags in our review sample, whether that’s one of the P! and another for the plugs, or simply a packaging mistake we’re not sure, but we appreciate the extra bag to contain everything.

The NEO P1 is constructed from the same fire-resistant polycarbonate, with high-density heatsinks and a low operating temperature. Both sides display the MINIX logo, and on the front you’ll find the three ports and an LED power indicator. On the opposite side of the ports is the dual-prong US plug type, where you’ll attach whatever plug you’re required to depending on the country you’re charging your devices in.

There’s an auto-sensing power distribution technology on-board, which will protect the devices from over-voltage, input and out output over-current, short circuit and overheating. The autosensing plugs will also adapt to the international voltages of the plug socket you’re charging from, and each port will automatically adjust the power output depending on the device that’s being charged from it as well as activating any quick charge technologies that are compatible with the device.

The NEO P1 is a fantastic addition to the MINIX stable. This tiny, capable and feature-packed charger is the ideal Christmas present for those who need to charge on the go, while still protecting their devices from the whims of hotel, college, school, university and work based plug sockets around the world. Great value for money, and a must have addition for those who travel for work.

MINIX NEO P1 3-Port GaN Charger
  • Overall


Full of great technology and features. Remarkably small and lightweight.

+ Two USB-C, and one USB-A port available.
+ GaN technology offering 66Q.
+ Quick Charge 3.0 available on the USB-A1 port.
+ Auto-sensing power distribution and improved safety for any connected devices.

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