MINIX NEO C Plus – Review

MINIX NEO C Plus review

More Ports, More Convenience. A Multiport Adapter with Dual HDMI.

  • Price: £69.90, $79.90, 79.90 €
  • Manufacturer: MINIX Technology Limited –
  • Compatibility: MacBook, MacBook Pro, Windows laptop possible (check first)

Hong Kong technology manufacturer, MINIX, has proved itself to be a formidable player in the mini-PC and peripheral market. Its range of NEO mini-PCs are some of the best designed, coupled with impressive specifications, small form factors computers available today. The company also offers an excellent choice of multiport adapters, including this new model that’s fresh on the shelves, the MINIX NEO C Plus.

The dual HDMI ports support triple mirror and dual extended mode.

The MINIX NEO C Plus is a multiport adapter primarily designed for MacBook users. It’s a lightweight rectangular box measuring just 112.5 x 49 x 14mm, and comes in a choice of two colours: Silver, or Space Grey. There’s a single cable protruding from one end and ending in a USB 3.1 Type-C port; measuring 150mm. The MINIX logo is etched into the top, and on the underside there are four small rubber feet to stop it slipping.

MINIX certainly hasn’t been shy in terms of connectivity. All three sides of the NEO C Plus contain ports, with two HDMI 4K @30Hz ports, two USB 3.0 ports, gigabit Ethernet and a third USB 3.0 port, a USB-C port for power passthrough and delivery, and finally, MicroSD and SD card slots. Despite the plethora of connections, though, the NEO C Plus doesn’t feel cramped. Indeed, the ports are nicely spaced apart, and can accommodate some of the chunkier USB devices side-by-side.

There’s a lot to like about the NEO C Plus. The pair of HDMI ports, for example, allow for simultaneous dual display output, with triple mirror and dual extended modes support too. This alone is a huge selling point, and considering the compact size makes this an ideal peripheral for presentations, or hot-desking users. Due to the high-speed USB-C connection, the attached USB 3.0 ports, and MicroSD and SD slots can transfer at close to their theorical maximum. And the gigabit Ethernet connection is a huge step up from the often lagging WiFi.

MINIX NEO review

Nine ports on offer, what’s not to like.

Interestingly, the NEO C Plus isn’t exclusive to Mac users. We tested the adapter on an Asus Zenbook Flip S, the UX370UA model, with Windows 10 installed, and it worked perfectly. All ports worked as they should, requiring no third-party drivers and fiddling with the Registry. However, we’d recommend you thoroughly test it with your Windows device before purchasing.

In short, it’s hard to fault the MINIX NEO C Plus multiport adapter. The choice of ports is excellent, the dual monitor support is beyond superb, and having access to gigabit Ethernet is a huge advantage. Ideally, it could do with being a little cheaper, however, that’s a minor issue for an adapter of this calibre. Bravo, MINIX.


  • MINIX NEO C Plus


Well designed, superb connectivity, excellent feature set, and at a reasonable price too.

+ Dual HDMI support.
+ Gigabit Ethernet.
+ Small and lightweight.
+ Good spacing between ports.

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