Minecraft iOS & Android Edition – Lockdown Time Killer Game No.2

The second in a series of recommendations of the very best time filling games to help ease you through the long hours of a national lockdown. It's time to rebuild the world, literally!

  • Mojang
  • Minecraft.net
  • £6.99, $6.99, 6,90 €
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0 / Android Check Device

Building and world-creation games have always had a uniquely addictive quality that other genres can’t quite replicate. Sim City first showed gamers it could be fun to build as well as destroy, then the legendary Peter Molyneux came along and took things a step further with the equally legendary Populous.

Minecraft has built up a dedicated following on every platform possible, with its mix of puzzles, survival and building. Yet it has never felt more at home, to this reviewer at least, then on the iPhone and iPad. The concept is – at first – very simple. The game throws you into a randomly generated, geometric world made up of cuboid blocks. There are trees, rocks, grass and water, but all are created from different kinds of blocks. Holding your finger on a block for a few moments destroys it, allowing you to sculpt the world to your liking. You have access to a wide range of different types of block which you can place anywhere to create structures, the simplicity or complexity of which is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Minecraft features day and night cycles, survival and monsters, which give it more of a focus. It’s one thing to build a world, it’s another to live in it. It’s not simply about building. It’s like a having a LEGO set in your pocket, that you can share with your friends. This might sound boring, but it’s actually a lot of fun just trying to build the most impressive and imaginative structures you can conceive and then show them off. That’s just the start. There’s a wide world to explore beyond the blocks. Jump into the Marketplace to learn new skills, share community creations and get access to all-new and evolving downloads from other creators.

In many ways, Minecraft is the perfect mobile game. The pace is whatever you want it to be. You can dip in whenever you like and have a quick play, or spend more time roaming around re-modelling your creations and your world until your heart’s content. With a vast community to delve into, the game constantly feels new and improved. As a detractor for the longest time, this latest generation of Minecraft feels more rounded and expensive than ever, without diluting what attracted millions to the game in the first place. In conclusion, give it another try!

  • Overall Time Killed


During these COVID-19 times this is a very therapeutic way to pass the time, even if this concept hasn’t previously turned your head. 

+ Huge variety of features
+ A vast world in and out of game
+ No in-app purchases! 
– Too much freedom for some. 

Russ Ware

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