Mastering the Samsung Galaxy Keyboard

The keyboard found on most Samsung devices has been evolving and improving ever since the first touchscreen phone appeared. If you just want to type a quick email, it can be as simple as it needs to be but explore a bit further and you will see that it is packed with features designed to make it easy to use.

Essential Keyboard Tips

Note: The keyboard is updated almost every time Android is updated, so the exact features you have access to on your device will vary, depending on the version you are using.

Hide or Reveal – Many apps, especially communication apps, where typing is assumed to be the reason you are using them, will automatically open the keyboard when first opened. In others, you will need to tap in the text box to show the keyboard. To hide the keyboard in any app, tap the Back button once.

Toggle Caps Lock – To type a capital letter in any app, tap the Shift key once. The next letter you type will be upper case, after which it will automatically switch back to lower case (this is Sentence Case) as you type. If you need to type all in upper case, either tap and hold or double-tap the Shift key.

Selecting Text – To select a single word or section of text, touch and hold or double-tap on screen within the text. The word will be highlighted, with a tab at each end of the selection. You can then drag the tabs to increase the text selected. To place the cursor within a word, just tap where you want it to appear.

Capitalisation – If you need to change the capitalisation of a word you have already typed, you can simply select it (see the Selecting Text tip) and tap the Shift key. Tapping once will capitalise the first letter of the word only, while double-tapping Shift will change the whole selection to upper case.

Using Emojis – Most Samsung device keyboards now have a dedicated emoji icon in the quick access bar along the top but there might also be an emoji key on the keyboard. Each section of the emoji menu will have multiple pages, swipe left or right to move between them. Different apps feature different emojis.

Alternative Words – Android will try to guess which words you are typing and show them as suggestions above the keyboard. You can speed up your typing by tapping the correct word as it appears, to insert it into the text. Tap the small arrow (or the word with three dots) to see a bigger list of alternative words.

Gesture Typing – You may need to enable this feature in Settings > Language & Keyboard. To input a word using gesture typing, also called continuous input, slide your finger smoothly across the letters of the word you want to input. Lift your finger when the word is displayed in the suggestion strip.

Voice Typing – On Samsung devices, you can input text by speaking. To type with your voice, tap the mic key on the keyboard and say what you want to type. In some languages, you can enter punctuation by saying it, for example “comma”, “full-stop”, “question mark” or “exclamation mark”.

Stickers and Gifs – The newest Samsung keyboard gives you quick access to several additional elements with a bar across the top. Here you can switch to the emoji menu, find stickers to add in to messages and browse GIFs from Giphy. This quick access bar also lets you start voice typing and see keyboard settings.

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