Master the New iPadOS Gestures

Here we take a look at the exciting, new multitouch gestures brought to the iPad with the new iPadOS. Now it’s even easier to navigate your way through your iPad with swipes, taps and pinches.

Drag to Select  – To select a long piece of text, double-tap and hold the first word in the piece you want to highlight, and then drag your finger over the rest to select it all.

Tap to Select – Tap a single word twice to select it. Tap Twice to select a complete sentence. Tap three times and you can select an entire paragraph.


Drag Cursor – To move the cursor around the screen, tap and hold it, until it grows larger and longer, drag it wherever you want and then lift your finger to drop it.

Copy Gesture – To copy a piece of selected text to the clipboard, without using the pop-up menu, pinch with three fingers. The word ‘Copy’ appears atop the screen.

Paste Gesture – To paste text you’ve copied to your clipboard, place the cursor where you want the text, then spread with three fingers. ‘Paste’ appears atop the screen.

Undo – To undo the last change you made to your document, swipe left with three fingers. Your last edit is reverted. ‘Undo’ appears atop the screen.

Redo – To redo an edit you’ve just undone, use a three-fingered swipe right. The change is made, and the word ‘Redo’ appears at the top of the screen.

Drag Scrollbar – If, when you drag it up and down, a scrollbar appears on the right of the screen, tap and hold it. You can now drag the scrollbar up and down instead of the screen.

Keyboard Gestures and Shortcuts

Shrink the Keyboard – By pinching in with two fingers on the iPad’s keyboard, you can shrink it to the size of an iPhone on-screen keyboard. Drag it around the screen using the grey line at the bottom.

Keyboard Shortcuts – If you use your iPad with a Bluetooth, hardware keyboard, you can use new keyboard shortcuts. Press and hold CMD to see a list of shortcuts for the app you’re currently using.

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