Linux Lite 4.6 Out Now

A Lightweight Linux with a new look!

Released just a couple of days ago, Linux Lite 4.6 sees this lightweight distro take on a few new extras and a brand new look.

Linux Lite has always been described as a tasteful distro that offers users a breath of fresh air, and it’s easy to see why. Of all the distros available, including the lightweight models, Linux Lite aims to please both the aesthetic and the long-time user.

Based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, with support through to 2028, Lite 4.6 utilises a customised Xfce desktop alongside Firefox 68, Thunderbird 60, LibreOffice, VLC, GIMP 2.0.12, and Timeshift 19.08.1, among other apps and tools.

There’s a new Theme Selector, keyboard information panel, help manual, and an improved list of sources. You’ll find CPU performance improvements, new desktop wallpapers, kernel 4.15.0-58, and a host of other minor upgrades. The combination of all this is a pleasant and snappy distro, complete with everything you would expect from a modern Linux desktop.


Distro hoppers will certainly enjoy the quick setup and minimum recommended specs of 1GHz CPU, 768MB memory, 8GB HDD, and an output capable of at least 1024×768. Installation on a spare i5 with 4GB of memory took less than three minutes, and installation within VirtualBox took around five minutes – for some reason VB decided to hang on the boot screen for a while. As long as you’re familiar with the common Ubuntu installation routine, then you’ll be testing the full desktop in no time at all.

All in all, Linux Lite 4.6 is a good effort from the team. There’s something for everyone here and thanks to the overall speed of the distro even the hardened Linux user will be fairly impressed. Despite some arguments in the community that Xfce isn’t quite as lightweight as it once was, Lite 4.6 has proved that the environment can still push the limits when configured well.

If you fancy giving Linux Lite 4.6 a try, then head on over to the download page Here.

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