Licensing BDM

There are fantastic reasons for licensing a Black Dog Media publication…

Black Dog Media publishes top quality magazines and bookazines in numerous genres and demographics.

Many will fit the sector you are planning for your upcoming publication.

All the preparation, planning, creative and design hard work has been done and the magazine is ready for you and is already a proven success. Thus content localisation and translation may be all that you need to do, it really is that easy.

Therefore licensing can be the answer, it is far cheaper than creating something new, providing a much quicker turn around with no need to employ a full team of staff. While maintaining the high quality and customer’s market expectations of a premium newsstand publication at a fraction of the costs of doing it yourself.

In short, your risks are reduced, your costs are lower and thus profits higher.

Never one to follow tradition, Black Dog Media Ltd saw the bookazine as far more than a way to recycle old material but as new publishing medium. Each bookazine series that was launched under the BDM brand was created from new, not re-used old material.

New original material that is tailored for each varying brand and linked reader demographic, material we are proud to publish for the first time in our bookazine series. When it comes to our high quality production, brought together with our fresh and original expert editorial, we believe that our readers are given an unmatched entertaining and educational experience from each of our bookazine publications.

Black Dog Media publishes a wide range of publications that are available for licensing and reproduction around the world. You can find out more by contacting:

Andrea Gale

(+44) 01803 446068

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