KS Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds – Review

They may be cheap, but are they cheerful?

  • KitSound Audio
  • https://kitsound.co.uk
  • £49.99, 55,96 € (not sold in USA)
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth audio devices

Budget-priced true wireless earbuds (that is, one bud for each ear with no cables connecting them to your iPhone or each other) used to have connectivity issues, poor battery life and iffy audio. Not any more. Today’s earbuds offer increasingly good quality at lower and lower prices. Such is the case with KitSound’s Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds, though they’re not without their problems.

The Funk 35s are available in pink or black and come with a small, pocket-sized charging case. Both the buds and the case have a pleasant matt finish. You get around six hours continuous use on a full charge, with up to 24 hours playtime with the charging case. The buds (but not the case) are IPX3 water-resistant, which means they’re suitable for splashes and sweat, but not immersion.

Out of the case, the earbuds are a little bulky. You get used to them, but I didn’t find them all that comfortable. They are, however, very secure and won’t come out even during exercise. There’s a single multi-function button on each earbud, and these have been put to clever use. You can answer, reject and end calls, skip to the next or previous track, activate Siri and change the volume, all from these two buttons. Impressive!

The sound quality is good, but not outstanding. The mid-tones are crisp and solid, the vocals rich and strong. The bottom end isn’t their best feature, despite being ‘TrueBass Optimised’, but it’s passible for budget buds. The overall sound stage is slightly subdued, and therefore not as expansive as you’d expect from expensive earbuds, but given their price, the sound quality and value for money of the KS Funk 35 isn’t bad at all.

KS Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds
  • Overall


A decent, though not outstanding, performance. Good value for the price.

+ Good battery life
+ Low price
+ Acceptable sound
– Not very comfortable

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