KS BoomBar 50 Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Budget speakers are getting better and better. Here's the latest from KS, an easily portable bar-style speaker, that packs a impressive punch!

With its 22-hour battery life and IP67 waterproof protection, the BoomBar 50 Bluetooth Speaker is clearly designed with the go-anywhere user in mind. It’s just as comfortable in the garden or the pool party as it is in the bedroom, although, at 21.5cm long and 599 grams, it might be a little heavy and bulky for a hiking trip.

It’s Bluetooth (v5.0, to be precise), so you can pair it with your computer or mobile device, and there’s an AUX-in port for a cabled connection to any audio player with a headphone socket. You can connect two BoomBar 50 units for stereo pairing with one acting as the right speaker and the other as the left.

Sound quality is surprisingly good, considering the low price. Vocals are exceptionally well realised, resonating beautifully over the sound stage. Bass is pretty prominent, if a little muddy, and the mid-tones crisp and solid, though they sometimes get lost under the bottom-end sounds. Overall, if you’re after a budget speaker and not an audiophile-quality sound system, it won’t disappoint.

KS BoomBar 50 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Overall


Some shortcomings, but not bad at all for the price. A decent speaker for home and garden.

+ Outstanding battery life
+ Great vocals
+ Competent overall sound
– A little top-heavy

Russ Ware

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