KitSound Hive2o Speaker – Review

Not every speaker has to offer audiophile quality sound and cost a small fortune. This waterproof wonder is cheap, cheerful and surprisingly capable. But could it survive your next pool party?

  • KitSound
  • £19.99 (currently UK-only)
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth output devices

Summer’s here, and it’s time to relax by the pool. What better way to unwind than by blasting your sounds through a waterproof Bluetooth speaker? The KitSound Hive2o won’t blow if it gets wet. It’s waterproof to a IP67 rating; you can immerse it in water without causing damage.

It’s available in black, grey, blue or pink, and gives eight hours of playing time on a single charge. A passive radiator helps boost the bass sounds, and if you have two of them, you can pair them so one Hive2o acts as the left speaker, and the other the right. Not a bad feature set for such an affordable device.

kitsound hive h2o

We dropped the Hive2o into a sink of water, and it is indeed waterproof (despite the hilarious warning in the instructions not to get it wet). Sound quality isn’t bad at all. It’s very detailed, even if the bass and depth are a little weaker than we’d like. It distorts at moderately loud volume too, but for a fun speaker like this, it’s more than adequate.

KitSound Hive2o Speaker
  • Overall


It won’t please the hardcore audiophiles, but as a fun, affordable speaker, it’s great. Perfect for outdoor fun and pool parties.

+ Good price
+ Waterproof
+ Detailed sound

– Lacks bass and depth

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