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Kameleon Kickstand Case (iPhone Xs/X) Review

Kameleon Kickstand Case

There are plenty of iPhone cases out there to choose from, but this one gives something extra; a kickstand. But is it the right iPhone case for you?

  • Price: £45, $49.95, 49.95 €
  • Manufacturer: Moshi,
  • Compatibility: iPhone X, iPhone XS

I wonder why they call this iPhone case the Kameleon? It doesn’t change colour depending on where you put it. It doesn’t even come in a wide range of tones; there are just two on offer. Ivory white, and midnight blue, which looks black to us. It does, however, come with a great feature to recommend it over other iPhone cases; it has a kickstand.

When not in use, the Kameleon’s kickstand lies flat against the back of the case. When you open it up it clicks into place, and holds your iPhone at a useful viewing angle. You can position the phone in portrait mode or landscape mode, making it ideal for movies, FaceTime, YouTube and more. When you’re done, it folds back down again. No tools or extraneous parts are involved, and you can open or close the stand in a few seconds.

The case is backed with ‘vegan leather’ (ie. PVC, and not leather at all), with a soft microfibre lining to stop your phone from getting scratched. A shock-resistant hybrid-construction shell protects it from drops and knocks, and all buttons are enclosed but accessible. The Kameleon is compatible with Qi chargers too, so you don’t have to remove your phone from the case to wirelessly charge it.

Kameleon Kickstand Case isn’t cheap, but you’re getting a high quality product for your money. The kickstand is extremely useful, for everything from watching videos to mounting your iPhone on your bedside table as an alarm clock, and it offers a high degree of protection for your trusty smartphone.

Ian Osborne

Kameleon Kickstand Case for iPhone XS/X
  • Overall


Definitely a premium iPhone case, with a price that reflects this, but the quality is definitely there. A great protective case with a very useful stand.

+ subtle, elegant appearance
+ Useful kickstand
+ protects against knocks
– A little pricey

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