Jaybird VISTA Planetary Green Earbuds – Review

Jaybird's VISTA earbuds are designed with the active music lover in mind, but can these camo-encrusted earbuds win the battle of the gym?

  • Jaybird
  • www.jaybirdsport.com
  • £159.99, $179.99, 179.00 €
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth audio devices

Jaybird’s VISTA earbuds are designed with the active music lover in mind. They boast IPX7 waterproofing and are designed to handle rain, mud, sweat and ‘outdoor adventures’ (the mind boggles). They also meet US military durability standards, which might explain why they now come in a lush green camouflage design. You get six hours of audio on a full charge, with another ten hours in the charging case. This is acceptable, but not outstanding.


The earbuds are comfortable to wear. There are three sizes of tip to choose from, so they’ll fit all ears. They’re very light – you hardly notice you’re wearing them – and they won’t shake loose while you’re jogging, exercising or head-banging. There’s not much in the way of onboard controls. There’s a button on each bud to pause the music, skip to the next track or accept/reject a call, but if you want to change the volume, you have to use your phone or customise the button controls using the free Jaybird app.

Sound quality is impeccable, with lively, clear audio across all areas of the spectrum. They’ve plenty of volume at their disposal if you like your music intense, and you can configure the sound using the equaliser options in the app. Want more bass? You can have it. Prefer a sharper top end for classical music? It’s yours.

Given their comfort, durability and all-round sonic excellence, Jaybird VISTA Planetary Green Earbuds are an excellent option for fitness earbuds. Our only real complaint is there’s no option to allow ambient sounds to penetrate for when you’re out jogging.


Jaybird VISTA Planetary Green Earbuds
  • Overall


Comfortable, durable earbuds that offer an amazing sound. Definitely recommended.

+ Light and comfortable
+ Excellent sound quality
+ Tough and durable
– No ambient sounds

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